Seoul Museum of History

Right beside Gyeonghuigung is the Seoul Museum of History. In this museum, one could learn more about the history and development of Seoul as a city. How it was first chosen as the new capital of Korea and the ways it was planned, destroyed, recreated, destroyed, and developed into the city that it is today.

Many parts of the museum do not permit photos and it was actually more enjoyable for me to just browse and go through the museum anyways. But I did find it photo-worthy during the later part of the museum when they created a mock area of the work conditions for many Korean woman after the Korean war. There was also an “alley” you could go into and see how many of these little restaurants sprung up during its development. For any fans of the variety show Running Man, you may recognize it as a location for one of the episodes.

My favourite parts of the museum were the mini models of the cities. I especially love the lighting effects as the map taught you about the main roads, mountains, areas of the city.

The highlight of the museum is the City Model Image Hall. Here, you can find the entire (almost…) city of Seoul. They had touch screen displays around the city model where you can search for different specific locations – palaces, mountains, specific buildings. You could also search for school, but I couldn’t find the school I’m teaching at. But I did find the school that Jess was teaching at last year. And when I tried to find my own school in relation to hers – I realized that they cut off the model just about 10cm away from my school’s location. So close. I should file a complaint – I’m still a part of Seoul, even if it’s not reflected so at the Seoul Museum of History.


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