Tokyo Ramen Street

In the underground shopping area of Tokyo Station, there is a popular little place called Tokyo Ramen Street. Here, eight famous ramen restaurants opened mini shops and serve up their best ramen. It was a little hard to find… but that might just be me and the vague directions I got from the internet before I went. And I’m ashamed to say that I can’t direct all of my fellow bloggers how to get there. But… that’s part of the adventure. Finding it. Savouring it.


There was a line outside each of the mini shops. And so, I chose the one with the smallest line since I couldn’t really tell what was the difference between them all.


You order from a vending machine-like thing outside of the restaurant. And it’s great for foreigners since it comes with pictures. So you can at least be careful and not choose something spicy-looking if you can’t eat hot food (like me). You pay and then get the little receipt and ticket which one of the restaurant servers will take and give to the kitchen as you wait for a seat inside. There are only about 20 seats inside but the idea is that you get in, you eat, you go. Quick and easy.


My ramen. It was delicious and rich in taste. A little salty – but you don’t really realize it until you eat most of it. Definitely worth visiting if you’re in the hankering for some good ramen in Tokyo.





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