Akihabara and @home cafe

Perhaps one of the most “Japanese” places that I’ve been to in Japan. As in… the Japan that I recognize from when I used to really into anime. Electric City in Akihabara is just filled with all things wonderful for anime fans.



One thing that I’m super excited this year is the revival of Sailor Moon. There is going to be a new anime series out – upgraded if you will. Sailor Moon was the first anime that I ever watched and I’m looking forward to seeing them bring it back. And thus, to celebrate, I got a capsule toy – Tuxedo Mask.




The reason I wanted to go to Akihabara was to check out the maid cafe experience. Although it was a little strange going to one by myself – young, single, female tourist – I’m still glad I went to see what it’s like for myself. It took me awhile to find @home cafe which I have found as the one that’s recommended most. And just as I was taking a rest from my search, it was in the building that I decided to stop for a minute at.


The little information board at the ground floor of the building was mostly in Japanese … but I did recognize the words “One Direction” and if my deductions are correct, these famous boys may have visited the same cafe when they went to Tokyo. Which is pretty cool.


There are three different floors for the maid cafe. And pictures are prohibited inside. You can take pictures of the food and drinks though. And I managed to get a few pictures before going in.



I had to get a “set” while I was in here – so I got the drinks and photo set. And got a nice matcha (green tea) and got a photo with the maid of my choice.


As strange as this cafe was… I enjoyed my experience. The girls were all really nice – well, I suppose that’s the role as the maid and me as the master. Although the information board said that the English-speaking maid wasn’t in.. many of the girls knew enough English to converse with me. And the maid that served me – that sounds strange – she was so sweet and gave me a present. A chopstick from the cafe, on which she put stickers of the Japanese and Canadian flag.

Definitely worth a visit for the experience – in a completely innocent, just-for-fun sort of way.


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