Korea Postage Stamp Museum (Korea Stamp World)

My mom and I collect stamps for fun. Generally just when we receive mail and then we keep the stamps on those envelopes. But after finding out about the postage stamp museum in Seoul from a pen pal of mine, I knew that I wanted to make a visit there. Located at the postal office in Myeongdong, the building is huge and you can’t quite miss it. In front of the building is a statue of the first postman in Korea, or rather, he was the one who learned about mail service in foreign countries and brought it back to Korea – introducing the first form of modern mail service.


Inside the museum, you can learn about the evolution of things related to mail in Korea. For example, the modes of transportation for the letter service. Or the way the uniform has changed for the postal office workers.

There are also special edition stamps that you can purchase at the museum store. For K-Pop fans, there are stamps with PSY, Girls’ Generation, and BEAST that you can purchase.

Korea is quite proud of their animation as well and these have their own stamps, including Pororo, Pucca, Poli (?), and Larva.

The rest of the museum teaches about different kinds of stamps and the international aspects of it. Visitors can learn about how stamps are varied between different countries about the world.

After browsing the museum, I took some time in the store area and decided to purchase stamps for my own use. I send postcards and letters every month and now I can do so at home without walking to the post office all the time. Most of the ones I bought are for practical uses but I also bought a year of the snake commemorate stamp and polar bear stamp for my personal collection.

To get here, go to Myeongdong Station (Line 4). Come out of exit 5 and walk straight. When you reach a big intersection, the building would be on the corner that you’re already on. You can’t miss it – look for the statue outside.



    • According to the Visit Korea website, their opening hours are 9 to 6. And from what I recall, the staff understand enough English for me to communicate my needs and process my purchase. πŸ™‚

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    Thank you so much

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