Cafe Majo & Sady

There are many themed cafes in Seoul and this next one is properly Korean, if you will. Unlike the Hello Kitty cafe (Japanese brand) and Charlie Brown Cafe (American), the Cafe Majo and Sady are Korean characters that you might recognize from the Korean messaging app Kakao Talk. Warning: everything on the menu is in Korean with no English – but it helps if you can read Korean and there are pictures to assist you.


On the ground floor, you can order from the cafe and there is also a little store that you can buy Majo and Sady merchandise.

The upper floor has cushions and dolls of the characters for you to eat and relax with during your time at the cafe.

I ordered the pancake set which came with character-shaped pancakes and a little salad. It was… more appealing in appearance than taste. But not bad.

How to get here? I have no idea. I had just followed my friend from the station. We met up at Apgujeong Rodeo Station, exit 4. And from there… you can refer to FourSquare and check out the maps.


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