You Are Here Cafe in Hongdae

For any one who is a fan of Eat Your Kimchi or has been learning Korean with TTMIK, you would definitely have heard about the recently opened cafe that the two have collaborated on. You Are Here Cafe in Hongdae is such a chill and cool cafe and definitely worth a visit. Not just for fans but also for their great selection.

The cafe is located in a little charming house in a more quiet part of the Hongdae area. Definitely away from the hustle and bustle of the general Hongdae area.

At the cafe, you can see many things on display. Some of which are not for sale but many things can be purchased here including special cafe goods, EYK merchandise and also TTMIK workbooks and textbooks.

From what I can on the blackboard menu, it would seem that a lot of thought has gone into the menu, including homemade recipes. Which makes this very different from most coffee shops and cafe chains here in Seoul. I didn’t get to try it this time, but definitely I will be back to try Martina’s brownies given the chance.

On the way up to the second level of the cafe are the most charming little decorations and words of inspiration.

In true Asian cafe culture, there was a doll sitting at a table to provide us with some company. Thanks, Rilakkuma. I was hoping to run into Simon and Martina, but this is a good consolation.

The strawberry smoothie was… divine. It was so strawberry and so thick that it was almost like ice cream. I love ice cream. So, I love this smoothie. And finally, the cheesecake. It had just been put out on display when we got there so we ordered it an house after we had already been at the cafe.

The verdict? Moist like it should be. Cheesy but not too cheesy like I personally prefer it. Basically, the best cheesecake (thus far) in Korea.

Am I biased in this blog entry about You Are Here Cafe? Definitely. I’ve been watching Eat Your Kimchi video for years (as a moderate fan) and it was thanks to them that I got to know so much even before coming to Korea. I think it helped with the culture shock. And then TTMIK has been a wonderful teacher for me – even if I’m not a diligent student in my Korean studies.

Definitely worth a visit. And basically, it’s where I’m heading every time I end up near the Hongdae area, if only to grab a quick smoothie and to say hi to Simon and Martina, given the chance.

To get here, go to Hongdae Station and exit. Turn right at the KEB Bank and go straight until you reach a bigger street. Walk across the crosswalk and head to the right. Turn left onto Donggyo-ro gil 25 and head straight down. In about five minutes or less, the café will be on your right.



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