Music Show Wedding, Hongdae

Ever since I first watched NANTA last year, I have been itching to go to another performance here in Seoul. And with the special KOINMO (Korean in Motion) festival, I managed to get tickets for a discount. I attended this performance during the Chuseok holiday this year.

It was perfect. Just the way I expected it would be. The synopsis is such – there is a wedding taking place and all is happy about it. Except the bride’s father. Of course. And thus musical hilarity ensues.

These performers are absolutely amazingly talented. Multi-talented. They play multiple instruments, they sing, they dance, they act, and on top of all that, they’re hilarious.

It’s not really something that I can really say except… Go watch it!

But if your question is whether Music Show Wedding or NANTA is better to see if you’re only in Seoul for a couple of days – I’d recommend both if you could fit them in. If not… well it depends on what you’re more interested in. Cookin’ NANTA has a lot more drumming and slapstick. But Music Show Wedding has a lot more songs integrated into it that you will recognize – English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese – and the humour goes beyond the usual slapstick since they do use more dialogue (to a certain extent – you don’t need Korean to really understand them). I suppose that if I really thought about it and analyzed it, I think I loved Music Show Wedding more.

To book tickets, you can use Interpark.
Check out their website for their theatre location and more information here.


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