Seoul Folk Flea Market 서울풍물시장

Flea markets can be such a joy to explore. If it’s a good flea market. Bad flea markets tend to be filled with junk that I can’t imagine anyone would want to buy. And a good flea market is filled with interesting junk that I wouldn’t buy but love to check out.

And so I found myself at Seoul Folk Flea Market. I had first heard of it from an episode of Running Man, a Korean variety show. I found myself on a Sunday with plans cancelled at the last minute but I was already dressed and ready to head out. It was an impromptu decision to go to the flea market.

Even after you leave the subway station and on the way to the market, there are already vendors laying out their goods on the side of the street.

I’m going to let my pictures speak for itself from here.

I was actually on the lookout for an ukelele. It’s been this strange interest of mine for awhile to learn. A lot of my students know how to play it. And while I managed to find a lot of guitars, there were no ukeleles. Which was probably for the best since I should invest in something that would be a little hard to bring home later. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed my time exploring the multiple aisles of the flea market, especially the antique section.

To get here, go to Sinseoldong Station and exit 6. Turn left at the first intersection and then go straight. Turn left at the street with the Flea Market gateway and the actual building will be down that road on your left. If confused, just look for all the vendors along the way.



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