Day Trip Out of Seoul: Hyeri Art Valley

I love how there are so many great places just outside of Seoul that you can get to. Hyeri Art Valley is in the city of Paju. From Hapjeong Station, you can take an express bus (2200) and get here within 45 minutes. Located north of Seoul, this little art valley is full of galleries and open space.

As it was, we went during the festival time and there were open galleries, special exhibits, and performances during the day.

There are many museum and galleries here and in order to get a better deal for many of the museums, you can choose from different “courses” which gets you a much cheaper price than visiting museums at individual ticket prices. We decided to go with Course 4 which included the antique museum, toy museum, tin toy museum, and an art gallery.





Walking around the art valley itself is already such an experience. The architecture and displays are so fun and interesting.

I spy with my little eyes… the Little Prince.

My favourite building in the art valley. This building for a gallery took into account of the trees in its vicinity. It was designed to allow the tree to continue to grow and thus the building and tree have become one. Absolutely amazing.

We watched the acoustic performance of 일곱시쯤 (Around 7PM). I love this sort of mellow, catchy and fun sort of music.



It was a good day out of the city. I enjoyed the experience quite a lot. Definitely worth a visit for any toy and art enthusiasts.


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