Nowon: Festamare

For our office dinner one evening in October, we went to Nowon to try a pasta place that a co-worker had been raving about. What’s so great about this place?


On the third Tuesday of every month, they have a special where you order one dish at regular price, and the second (same or lower price) will be only 100won (about 10 Canadian cents)! This is ridiculous and of course, no better place to pig out with my co-workers.

 Garlic Steak (18,000won)

 Gorgonzola Cream Steak (18,000won)

 Manzo Cream (7,500won)

 Bacon Aglio Pizza (12,500won)

 Gorgonzola and Steak Cream Spaghetti (8,000won)

 Gorgonzola Pizza (10,000won)

 Sweet Pumpkin Pizza (11,500won)

 Cream Crab Spaghetti (8,000won)

In total, the bill on a regular day would have been 97,000won but because of the special, the total was 69,400won. Not too shabby at all for 8 dishes. Also, we ordered two steaks but they only let you order one as part of the special. However, since there were eight of us, all females – the manager (male) – gave into us. Nothing quite like female persuasion.

And they’re good dishes. Great taste. Delicious. I will be honest and say that I was also starving that day (school lunch was the worst its ever been for me) but even so – it does not properly explain how I ate as much as I did that evening. Definitely worth a visit – especially on the third Tuesday if you can take advantage of the great deal. Of course, be aware that there may be a wait since everyone is also trying to take advantage of it. For us, since we went right after work (around 5pm) it was still early but we still had to wait about 20 minutes since we were a bigger party.

To get here, go to Nowon Station, exit 1. Walk straight and turn right into Nohaero 85-gil. Reach the end of this street and turn left. It will be on your left hand side shortly, on the second floor.


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