Travel Cafe in Hongdae

Hongdae is full of little interesting cafes. It seems like there is no end to what Korea can think of to become a cafe theme. In this case, the theme is travel – the name of the cafe is pretty straightforward.

Located on the second floor, you can find this cafe and it’s filled with little travel knick knacks from different countries of the world. There are also travel books and travel guides so you can plan your trip here as well. And then there is also a small travel shop for your little travel supplies that you may need.

Their menu was really cool as they tried to include an item from different countries around the world to complete the whole travel theme. And what was even cooler is that it seems that on the third floor, they have a travel agency. And you can book a travel aid’s time to help you prepare your trip. We witnessed a few of these going on and it appeared that they would help you set your itinerary and you got a free drink at the cafe. Probably a lot more useful and fun way to plan your trip – if you were Korean.

That was the only drawback. The travel aids and the travel books are all only in Korean. But still, this is a cute and nice cafe to visit. And we decided to browse the Kyoto and Osaka books just for the pictures anyways.

To get here, go to Hapjeong Station, exit 3. Walk straight and turn right. Walk straight down until the street ends and turn right. On the first right, it will be on the second floor of the second or third building. (It is diagonally across the street from the store “object.”)









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