Hadongkwan 하동관 in Myeongdong

Long-established places are well-known and generally reputable because it seems that it takes great talent for places to stay open for longer than five years here. In the case of Hadonggwan, this famous restaurant has been open since the 1930s. And its success led to a second branch in Gangnam but reviews online seem to think that it doesn’t come close to its original location. The place is supposed to be busy with many Koreans and tourists during lunch time so I decided to head here for brunch one day. It is interesting to note that it closes at 4:30 since that’s generally when the famous and delicious broth runs out for the day.

Hadongkwan is known for its gomtang (곰탕). This is a Korean soup that is made out of different beef parts. While it does seem watery, the taste is amazing. Sweet and delicious. The simple order is just simply a few slices of beef and rice. You can add the unlimited green onions and kimchi as you like. And there are extras that you can order to enrich your meal, like mushrooms and the like. Even by itself, it was just my type of meal. I’ve always like simpler delicious meals – and this was just that.

Although it is closer to Euljiro 1-ga Station, I came here from Myeongdong Station. Take exit 8 and walk straight down. You will end up passing most of the Myeongdong Station and when the road seems to be almost connecting to the main road, you will come across it on your right. Use the picture below to help you.


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