Itaewon: Left Coast Artisan Burgers

Burgers are a big thing for two of my friends here in Korea. And so, I can usually count on them to take me to great burger joints. On this little dinner excursion, we went to Itaewon and I tried Left Coast Artisan Burgers, which they have been to before.

Located on the second floor and decorated with photographs of San Francisco and the beautiful west coast of the States, I already liked the general atmosphere of the place. And the food did not disappoint either.


We started with the fried mac balls. I’m generally not a big fan of fried food but these were delicious little starters. And just enough to share between four people.

I chose the Juicy Lucy which is supposed to be one of their recommendations. It was juicy and so filling. I felt so bad whenever the juice or sauce came out of it since I wanted to eat every piece of it. It came with a side of chips, but I wasn’t a fan of those. And we also got an order of 12 Hour Hand Cut Fries, which were decent enough as fries.

The Hapa.

The Popeye.

We also got some really delicious cookies on the house. They were just the way I like my chocolate chips – a little crispy on the outside, moist on the inside.

I would definitely recommend this burger joint to any one hankering for a good burger near Itaewon.

Left Coast Burgers



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