Tapgol Park

The beautiful thing about Seoul as a city is that amidst the hustle and bustle of the busy urban city, you can find these serene and historically significant little parks scattered about. Tapgol Park is one that holds connections to the Korean independence movement during the Japanese occupation. As such, you can still find Korean protestors in this area. On the afternoon that I came to this park, there was a “Dokdo is Korea’s” demonstration. There is an ongoing struggle between Japan and Korea, both claiming the island as their territory. This is not an issue that I know a lot about so I will not take a side here.




Inside the park are monuments and memorials that highlight different people and dates for the Korean independent activists. Many old Korean men like to come out to these parks (free admittance) and just read the newspaper and chat.






Scenes depicting the independence activists fighting the Japanese.



It’s a beautiful park with a sad and heroic history. Although the Koreans fought hard, most of them were defeated, imprisoned, tortured, and killed. It’s something that Koreans remember to this day.


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