Oh! 통영 : specialty food from Tongyeong in Seoul

It goes without saying –  but it should be said – that the best food to experience in a foreign country is only known through the locals. Now, while my coworker isn’t a local of Seoul, she is from Korea. So that means that she’s definitely more in the know of great and unique places to eat. She’s recently interested in regional foods from different parts of Korea and invited me to go with her to try this particular restaurant.

Now, I wish I was more diligent as a blogger that night. But I was very hungry and the food looked really delicious. So after a few quick snapshots of the food, I dug in. Without quite asking about what I was eating. From what I can tell, we ordered two dishes. One was a soup with seaweed and oysters (Tongyeong is known for oysters). And the other was a sort of fish egg and seaweed mixed rice. Of a sort. I’m sorry for my lack of knowledge. In fact, I can’t even begin to explain how to find this place. But follow this link here to see the map and get directions.



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