Top Cloud: Buffet at Jongno Tower

My friends and I have been talking about “that restaurant in that tall building in Jongno” for a long time. We didn’t know the name of it – just that there was a place to eat up in the shiny building and that we were going to get there eventually. And finally, get there we did.

Top Cloud (fancy name, no?) is the restaurant and there are two dining choices – set menu or a buffet. We decided to go with the buffet for the night. And since we wanted a table by the window, we needed to make reservations in advance. Luckily, we wanted to go in the middle of November – because it’s supposed to be really hard to get table seats for the special holidays. Many proposals here during Valentine’s Day.

My iPhone can’t do the view justice but the view was pretty spectacular. Seeing the city lights below you and at the time of this dinner, the Seoul Lantern Festival was also happening and we could catch glimpses of it on the Cheonggyecheon Stream nearby.

With the buffet, you got a choice of a main dish. My friends got the grilled salmon and I went with the steak.

The buffet choices were a fusion of Korean and Western-style food. To be quite honest, the food wasn’t that great. Especially not for the amount of money the meal cost. But I suppose the cost went towards the view more than the food.


If I’m to be quite honest, I wouldn’t recommend the buffet here. The food will be a disappointment but for those who really do want to enjoy the view from this spot and just have a fancy-schmancy night out, then go for it.



  1. One of my favorite places in Seoul! My wife and I try to visit there every Valentines day because that is where we had our first Valentines day. And yes, you need to call for reservations well in advance for that day 🙂 Great article and story.

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