Miss Lee Cafe, Myeongdong



Another interesting and unique cafe experience. For a little something more old school Korean, I think this is the perfect little eating experience. Miss Lee Cafe (in all its locations) has been going under renovation this past year – it’s no longer the chaotic and vintage-flea-market feeling to it anymore. They’ve gotten more modern with touches of the eclectic and vintage here and there.








What they are most famous for (besides being the filming location of an episode of We Got Married with Yonghwa and Seohyun) are the dosiraks – Korean box lunches. Reminiscent of the ones that Korean school students used to bring to school for lunch.



Now, I’m not a huge fan of spam (and these seemed especially salty) but the taste wasn’t bad overall. It had a unique combination combined with the kimchi and the eggs. Perhaps it was the kimchi that made it all seem more bitter. Nevertheless, it was sort of fun to eat.


To get here, the closest subway station is Euljiro Station, exit 5. Turn right into the street and it will be on your right, on second and third floor. However, if you are coming out of Myeongdong Station, exit 6, walk straight through the main shopping street and turn left at the main road. Turn right down the bigger alley and it will be on your left.


Check out the website here (Korean only).


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