Slow Garden: Brunch in Seoul

I first noticed this place when I was walking through this area with friends last year. I thought it looked intriguing – the way it looked run down from the outside, the big windows that reminded me of a greenhouse, and its quaint and quiet charm.


From the get go, you’re surrounded by plants and greenery. And it’s set in such a way to make your feel at peace despite its clutter appearance.

I loved that the dried flowers were hanging beside the chandelier lights.

It’s an open space for the interior, giving off a rustic, natural vibe. We sat ourselves closer to the big windows and potted plants.

The menu. They have a lot of pastas to choose from but I was mostly interested in the brunch menu. I love getting brunch in the middle of the day.

Our beautiful food. I ordered the pancake set (11,500 won) and changed the americano to a cafe latte (additional 1000 won). My cousin got the tomato seafood pasta. It came with an americano, which we didn’t realize or else we would have changed it to something that she actually wanted to drink.

My pancakes came with a little salad, sausage, bacon, and fried egg on the side. The salad was very flavourful and heavy – lots of vinegar in that dressing. The sausage, bacon, and egg were pretty standard. And the pancakes were plain and filling. I rarely drink coffee or anything caffeinated these days – but I’ve recently acquired the taste for lattes.

I would definitely recommend this brunch location if only for the atmosphere of the place and the general relaxing mood to enjoy a meal. My pancakes were sufficient but nothing special. I would be interested in trying different menu items next time.



  1. Your food pictures always make me soooo hungry… Haha! I think there are a lot of places in Seoul that are like flower shop(?) + cafe. There’s this one place I’ve been to called Blute near the UN village that was quite similar like this, but the menu was a lot smaller.

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