Torikizoku: Skewers and Dishes for 280 Yen in Kyoto

In a complex building near the Airbnb apartment we stayed in, we found Torikizoku. The restaurant’s menu boasts that all the dishes you can order are 280yen each. We were quite intrigued by the look of the restaurant, even from the outside.


The only thing that I will mention about the place is that it’s a smoking-allowed establishment. I wasn’t too happy about that. I tend to always forget that not everywhere in the world has banned smoking in buildings. Still, I quite enjoyed the atmosphere of the place – especially when the smokers were busy eating and had to stop smoking for that duration of time. I really enjoyed the little lantern lights and the wooden booths we sat in.




There was a lot on the menu. Including some regular items and some more “exotic” choices – many different parts of chicken. Many Japanese restaurants – like this one – also includes an English menu if you ask the waiter.



We decided to start with a modest two dishes first. We went with the MUNE Negi Mayo Sauce and the Gyu-kushi.


The MUNE Negi Mayo Sauce is a chicken breast skewer with leek, mayonnaise, and teriyaki sauce. It was amazing. Although the eating it with all the toppings was a bit of a challenge and a mess. But it was a delicious mess. Of course, only if you’re a fan of mayonnaise (which I know that not everyone is).



Gyu-kushi is barbecued beef skewer with garlic barbecue sauce. The meat was so tender and cooked just right. The sauce enhanced the flavour of the beef.


Before we finished our first two, we knew that we had to order more. So our third order was the Mi-tare. Mi-tare is the chicken thigh skewer with barbecue sauce. Definitely more “normal” but it was delicious.


Nothing like a bowl of boiled edamame to make it more Japanese.


Our last order of skewers was the MUNE Mentai Mayo-yaki. And sadly, these were my least favourite. These are chicken breast skewers with seasoned cod roe and mayonnaise. I’ve never really been a fan of cod roe and so these didn’t sit too well with my palate.


We ended our meal with dessert. These are Toriki ice cream – “rich premium ice cream from Hokkaido milk and fresh cream.” Ice cream is my favourite food. Ever. And these were really good. You can definitely taste the “rich premium” quality of it – or at least I imagined I could.



It was, without a doubt, one of my favourite meals on my Japan trip. And it was also the first proper meal in Kyoto which made it a little hard to top for the rest of the trip, not that I didn’t try. Nevertheless, it was a pretty amazing way to start the eating adventures in Japan.


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