Gion Corner: Japanese Traditional Performances

On my trip to Kyoto, I never got to see a geisha or maiko out on the streets. We were pretty busy in our own kimono fitting and activities to just wait in the streets of Gion. One of the things that we chose to do was to check out the performances at Gion Corner.



Gion Corner provides different Japanese cultural performances for visitors. And if you’re a foreigner, you can get a discount as well.


The main stage at Gion Corner held most of the performances. There was also a side stage set up for the tea ceremony.


Tea Ceremony.


Multiple performances would be happening at once. While the tea ceremony was still happening, there was also a koto zither performance (Japanese instrument).


There was also a flower arrangement performance.


Gagaku Court Music performance.


Kyogen Theatre performance – a hilarious little skit about the daily lives of the Japanese people. It’s in Japanese but the body actions is easy enough to follow and the performance program also includes translation of the dialogue.


And the highlight of the evening – Kyo-mai dance by two maiko. Truly breathtaking in all the delicate motions of the dance.



Finally, they chose two volunteers from the audience to try a kimono.


We got a chance to get a photo with the maiko. It’s blurry but good enough to end this fun and interesting cultural experience.

To check the show times and costs: go to the website here.


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