Sushi in Kyoto

You can’t go to Japan and not have sushi. We found this little place after searching for quite awhile for food.


Interestingly, the location of this particular restaurant was once where a famous Japanese soy sauce shop was. The owner and his friend who played a role in Japanese history were also murdered here. So that was a fun fact.


I’ve never been to a Japanese sushi restaurant like this before. You get a screen at your table on top of the conveyor belt sushi. We were a little confused at first because it was all in Japanese, but we found out that you can select English.


So what is the screen for? You can see all the all available sushi and you can also specially put an order into the kitchen if you don’t see if on the conveyor belt.


They process the order and then send it out through the conveyor belt. When it’s about to get to you, your screen will notify you with a signal and you can grab your special order.



The sushi was quite delicious. I don’t think I’ve ever had bad sushi in Japan. And I thought that it was reasonably priced. The cheapest plates were 108 yen and they have special dishes for around 200 yen.





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