Shinkansen from Kyoto to Osaka: Bullet Train!

When I was in second (or fourth?) grade, I had to do a country research project. I chose Japan and that was when I was learned about the bullet trains. And I was fascinated by the idea of it. A train that moved as fast as a bullet? That is pretty awesome. So, on this trip to Kyoto and Osaka – I was pretty pumped to ride the shinkansen – even if it’s a really short ride. The shinkansen is probably best for longer distances. But I wanted to make it happen on this trip.


To buy the ticket, you need two tickets actually. The basic fare and then the shinkansen fare. It’s quite confusing actually – but Japanese people and the train station employees are super helpful and can assist people in English.


We were told that there is a cheaper express train that only takes a little bit longer between the two cities. But I still felt like 1420yen for a 15 minute ride between Kyoto and Osaka was pretty worth it.




The ride was so smooth and so fast. The seats were comfortable. Definitely worth the 15 years wait. But I probably would have been more mindblown if I rode it when I was a child.





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