Shopping in Osaka: Den Den Town, Shinsaibaishi, Convenience Stores

I love shopping in Osaka.

If you’re in Den Den town, you’ll love the little finds in the stores. Like this great one…


… only for 1111yen (about $11CDN)! I would have bought it except that it’s so big and bulky and I had no way of bringing it back with me. I thought at the time.


There’s a big store where people put their own personal collections for sale.  Great to look for discounts and limited items.


The gashapon items are on sale – but for almost five times the original price!


And then there are pop-up stores for recently-aired anime like this particular one that I recognized.


Frozen love in Shinsaibashi.


My friend really likes Sailor Moon.


Unlike Korea, Japan is really big on Disney – having an official store is nice. I decided to purchase my first Tsum Tsum here. Of course, you have to start with Mickey Mouse.


When in Japan, definitely check out the stationery. If it’s on washi paper, even better.

The more traditional crafts and figures from Japan.

My anime haul. This is self-control.

My new washi tape – special edition Sanrio and Monsters University.

I love candy – especially when it comes in cute packaging.


For anyone who knows about the honey butter chips craze in Korea, the Japanese ones are available almost anywhere. They taste good – though not as good as the Korean ones despite being from the same company – Calbee.


And that’s a bit of my shopping in Osaka. I’d definitely return to this city for more shopping if I can one day.

So my last post on my Japanese trip ends here. I love traveling in Japan and there are so many more cities that I wish to explore if I get the chance one day. On to other countries for now!


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