Seolbing 설빙: Korean Traditional Dessert

Patbingsoo is, without a doubt, one of the best desserts that Korea has to offer. My favourite place to go while I was still in Korea is Seolbing. And during the strawberry season, their two strawberry bingsoos were amazing. The portions are generally for at least two people to share.

In the regular strawberry bingsoo, it comes with a piece of rice cake and red bean inside.


Then there is the premium strawberry bingsoo that doesn’t have red bean but does has extra cream and a slice of cheesecake on top.


If you decide to visit Seolbing when it’s not strawberry season – or you’re not a fan of strawberries (do these people exist?) then I would highly recommend the injeolmi (a type of Korean rice cake powder) bingsoo. Which is different but also delicious.


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