Hoho Myoll 호호미욜: Volkswagon-Hipster Cafe in Seoul

I love little independent cafes in South Korea. It’s all so cute, hip, and eclectic. Hoho Myoll, in particular, gives off a genuine vibe of its hipster status. On our visit here, they were also in the middle of a barrister class. They were learning how to properly make coffee out of coffee beans.



The owner also has a cat in residence here which is not exactly the best thing for those afraid of animals, like yours truly. But the cat did its own thing and didn’t really mind me so I learned to not mind it…


There was also a Volkswagon inside the cafe that you can sit in – which we did. It made for an interesting sort of cafe experience.




In terms of the beverages and desserts – the cafe latte was pretty standard. And the oreo cheesecake we ordered was sweet and delicious.

Definitely worth a visit for a cafe experience in Seoul if you get the chance. This cafe is near Sangsu Station on Line 6. Go out exit 2 and turn left and walk towards Hongik University.


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