Once the Musical, in Seoul

Koreans love the movie Once. “Falling Slowly” is really popular in Korea and many singers love to cover it as well. So it goes without saying that Once, the Musical is quite a sensation in South Korea as well.


In the lead role of Guy, the well-known South Korean rocker Yoon Do Hyun managed to get the part. But on our night, we got the actor who shares the role with him – Lee Chang Hee. And I personally loved that we had this lesser well-known and younger actor in the part. Park Ji Yeon who played the Girl was also mesmerizing and fantastic in her role.


I absolutely loved the stage of the musical and how versatile they could make the one stage – setting it in such a way to play so many different scenes without moving around the set as much.


Now, since the musical is in South Korea – everything has also become Korean. The dialogue and the songs are all done in the Korean language. Which can be quite hard for the foreign audience member. I thought it was quite an experience to try to understand as much as I could with my limited comprehension of the language and used the background knowledge of the movie to help me stay focused. Even without understanding the language though, one can still enjoy the musical performances and the talented acts of each and every musical actor on stage.

I would love to watch the musical again – but perhaps an English version of it. But for those in South Korea, I would still highly recommend the Korean musical of Once.


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