Goguan 고관: Hanbok Photo Experience in Insadong

There are a couple of places for one to try a hanbok. Some are for free – like at the tourist information centre in Myeondong. Others are for a little fee of a few thousand won like at the palace. Then there are the specialty photo studios like Goguan where the quality of the hanboks are a little better and it’s set up for both a professional photo shoot or self photo shoot.


There are different packages that you can choose from. The others that include hair, makeup and the professional photoshoot. Or the simpler ones with just the hanbok rental and the self photoshoot.


Part of the photo studio is the area that is set up in a  more traditional manner where you are free to take photos on your own.


It’s definitely a fun experience starting at 20,000won for just the hanbok rental and self shoot. You can add 5,000won for the hair.

Check out the website and make reservations here.


One comment

  1. Dear everyone. This is Goguan studio.

    The studio in Insa-dong and Hongdae are temporarily closed (since
    2015/07/10, for about 5 months) to be improved. Please visit our studio in
    Myeong-dong which is still open to bring you fun and memory.

    1.Studio in Myeong-dong is still available to use – Discount event is
    on now

    2. Studio in Insa-dong – Building improving (about 5 month)

    3. Studio in Hongdae – Facility improving (10 days)

    Please visit our website if you want to more information.

    *Studio in Myeong-dong

    Address: Chungmuro 1ga 22-15 2nd floor, Jung-gu,

    Phone call: 02-318-8288

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