A Photo Journey Through the Island of Taiwan

My parents and I took a 7 day tour in Taiwan. And while I definitely can’t say that I’ve been everywhere in Taiwan – it’s safe to say that we did hit up on a lot of cities all around the country. I’m going to try to bring you on a quick journey of this tour through photos. But please understand that we mostly just ate and the scenery was really only limited to certain places. We spent a lot of time on the tour bus. How did it all play out?

1. Taoyuan


In this photo, we are at Orchard Park Hotel in Taoyuan. The location is close to the Taoyuan airport – and not much else. My parents are still eating here in this photo during this morning. And this would be routine for us – I finish my breakfast with one plate of food, my parents tend to go back for more food multiple times.

2. Garden restaurant somewhere south of Taoyuan and north of Sun Moon Lake


This particular meal was particularly memorable because they used flowers in all the dishes. You can check my other Taiwan post for pictures. I decided to post a picture of my dad just to make things a little more interesting.

3. Sun Moon Lake


It’s been claimed as one of the most beautiful lakes in Taiwan, dare I say, China? By who? Probably Taiwanese people. But regardless, I think that we came on a less-than-ideal day in terms of weather conditions. I’m sure that it’s a lot more beautiful on a clear and sunny day.

4. Alishan


You would never know it but we were actually on the top of a mountain here. The green leaves here are planted by a Taiwanese tribe and culture that we learned more about at this tea and culture center. It was hard to tell that we were on a mountain – and not just a field – because of the endless fog that surrounded the mountain.

5. Tainan


Night market. Need I say more? If I ever return to Taiwan, it will be just for the food.

6. Somewhere on the scenic drive of the east coast of Taiwan

There is something about staring out at the big blue ocean that puts me at ease. I want to live closer to the ocean one day.

7. Taroko National Park


It’s a little sad to me that the river is dried out. I had to use my imagination to put together what must have been beautiful. The little waterfalls, the temple at the bottom of the mountains, the river flowing underneath.

8. 野柳地質公園 Yiliudizhi Park

This national park is known for the cool rock formations due to the eroding by the ocean – but I was more interested in the rocks themselves and the beautiful ocean.

9. Taipei


Ending the little tour here. We watched the guard changing ceremony – which took really, really long. Here you can see the marks on the ground where the guards actually march along. I’m not sure if this is true – but I feel like they made those marks after years of conducting these ceremonies just to change the guards.


To be honest, I had no idea where I was in Taiwan half the time. Some of the cities sounded familiar to me since I have a few Taiwanese friends and I’ve watched Taiwanese dramas before. So in order to put this post together, I actually made myself a map and marked down the cities we went to and the places where my pictures were taken here. As you can see, we really did circle the island. I don’t think I’d do that again – not unless there was a really good reason to. Thanks for a great time, Taiwan. Until next time!



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