Parasailing in Pattaya, Thailand

Without a doubt, the biggest highlight of the trip to Thailand was the parasailing experience in Pattaya. This is something that I’ve always wanted to do (it’s on a rather long list of things to do). And it was a good first experience but I’m thinking that it can only get better. Why?

Well, let’s first take a look at the journey to this experience. Here we are on this beach in Pattaya. We’re on our way to the speedboat that will take us to this little parasailing station about 20 minutes out. You can actually see all the speedboats in the distance and the little parasailers up in the air (they’re not kites.) This part of the tour was optional and expenses were paid if you were interested. So my dad and I were interested – and in our tour of about 20 people, we were the only ones. Nevertheless, the entire tour group had to go with us to the station as it was on the way to the island that we would spend a few hours on.


So we get to the floating station. And it’s packed with numerous other tour groups that were also there. We quickly paid, got suited up in the gear, got into line, and then were being hooked to the parachutes. The boats took us around in two figure 8s and then brought us back to the station. I would say that the entire experience lasted less than 5 minutes. And which it was amazing being above the water in the air. We got two photographs – one as we were descending and another as they were unhooking us. Good thing too since my mom couldn’t figure out how to take pictures of both my dad and I since we were up in the air so quickly at the same time.

I just expected more I suppose? Next time. For sure.


See you next time, Thailand!



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