Uncle Betty’s Diner

This is my second time at Uncle Betty’s Diner in Toronto. This slightly-overpriced-but-worth-it-occasionally diner is located on Yonge, north of Eglinton.

We decided to try two different items on the menu and share them together. The recommended item – The Ultimate Grilled Cheese – and then Crunchy Chicken Fingers. The chicken fingers ($12) weren’t bad – but a tad overcooked.


As for the Ultimate Grilled Cheese ($15) – it was the best grilled cheese sandwich that I’ve ever had (but that experience is pretty limited to be honest.) The description of the sandwich on its menu: “White or brown bread [we went with the white], with melted white and classic cheddar cheese, a slab of out delicious homemade mac ‘n cheese, topped with your choice of our pulled pork or all-beef [beef please!] meatloaf drizzles with homemade roasted garlic aioli.” It was, simply put, ingenious – mac ‘n cheese inside the sandwich.

Shaky pictures because let’s be honest – I was too eager to bite into it and devour it. (Also, we were quite hungry before we even set foot in here – so my post may be a little biased.)

Nevertheless, definitely a nice little place to try if you’re in the area. Check out their official website for more information and directions to Uncle Betty’s here.


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