Peru, Part Dos: Awanacancha and Ollantaytambo

Awanacancha is in the Sacred Valley in Cusco. It is a place where locals breed alpacas and vicunas to produce wool. We got to learn how to distinguish the alpaca from the llama (which I still struggle with, though I do know that I like the alpacas a lot more.) We got to feed the animals where and then learn from the locals themselves on how they dye the wool in a natural and sustainable way in order to create the many products that they sell in order to make a living.






Ollantaytambo is an Incan fortress located on the top of the mountain in order to protect the valley. This area was once a military, religious, and agricultural centre for the Inca people. We were given some time to hike up to the top if we wanted – and we had every intention of doing so – but we didn’t account for the change in altitude and we got winded before we even got halfway up. Even so, from where we stood, we were able to still get a pretty great view of the valley. Outside the fortress, we also got to explore the market and see some of the local women and children in traditional clothes.




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