Adventures at Scenic Caves in Ontario

When you mention Blue Mountain, most people in Toronto and Ontario know where you’re talking about. It’s the place to go for skiing and enjoying time at the resort during the winter. But perhaps what is not as well known (at least to me) are the Scenic Caves and adventures that are on the same mountain as Blue Mountain. My friends and I decided to go on a mini roadtrip up to Collingwood to Scenic Caves.

Scenic Caves is one of Canada’s Great Natural Wonders. The caves and caverns were formed from the hundreds of years that followed the Glacial Ages. The Scenic Caves has actually been a tourist attraction for over 70 years and in 2003, they also included a new suspension footbridge – the longest in Ontario.


The tour of the Scenic Caves takes about an hour – there are self tours or also guided ones, depending on your admission. Throughout the tour, marked by numbers, you can read more about the different unique caves and caverns and also about particular areas with Native American history.


One of the more interesting and exciting points on the tour is number 10 – Fat Man’s Misery. You can choose to either go through this spot or there is an alternative route. It is no joke when they say that the narrowest spot is 36 centimetres and you have to adjust your body in order to maneuver your way through.




Another spot that caught my interest was the Petun Arch – which was created by the Petun people. This opening was used as a defense and it amazes me how the people were able to cut and break through rock in those times.


Finishing with the caves, there is a relaxing and brisk walk through the wooded areas of Blue Mountain.


Our last stop for the day at Scenic Caves was the suspension bridge. It is 126 metres long. And quite an exciting bridge to make your way across, providing a wonderful view of Collingwood, Wasaga Beach, Christian Island, Horseshoe Hills, and the Penetaguishene Peninsula.



It was a wonderful place to visit for a day trip out of Toronto. And I am interested in returning to Scenic Caves for the Thunder Bird – Canada’s longest twin zip line.

Check out the website here.
And considering checking the Attractions Ontario Passport guide for coupons that you can use here.



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