Medieval Times Castle in Toronto – Where is My Serving Wench?

I remember going to Medieval Times when I was in elementary school as part of the year where we learned about medieval times. I brought the paper hat and banner home – and in the many years that followed, these little souvenirs have gotten lost – and most likely been thrown away. Still, I’ve been meaning to return to Medieval Times and recently had the chance to do so for a friend’s birthday.

The regular admission for Medieval Times is $65.95 plus tax and children is $45.95 plus tax. Luckily, we got a discount for our tickets through a work perk. And there are also coupons that you can find – including the one in the free Attractions Ontario’s Passport guide 2015-2016. The coupon gets regular adult admission at $39.95 plus tax and children admission at $32.95. Worth going to for the unique experience.


The entrance admission includes the dinner and show, and a paper crown to support the knight that will represent your section. You can purchase banners and other little trinkets at the venue if you wish.


You are given your food and drink while watching the show happen in the arena. The gist of it is that you are supporting your knight as they play different games. There is a villain involved and the princess is in danger but our knights will bravely compete to defend her. We were served and attended to by individuals who called themselves our “serving wench” – and it was all in character of the times. It’s quite exciting and easy to get involved in the excitement of the place.


There was a little incident during our time here. Two young men were a little intoxicated during the show, causing disruptions and drawing too much attention to themselves. The staff and management were very civil and managed the situation in a respectful way – security was called at one point as well.


All in all, it was definitely a fun and interesting experience. And of course, it seemed like a wonderful chance to dress for the occasion. And besides, there’s something nice about being called “m’ady.”


Medieval Times: website.


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