AirBnB: The European Edition

I’ve been using AirBnB for my past few trips – to Japan, Korea, and now Europe. I quite enjoy the experience of living in short stay apartments and being parts of local neighbourhoods in a way that isn’t always possible with hotels. We stayed in AirBnBs in all three cities that we went to this summer – Barcelona, Paris, and London.

Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of the little place we stayed at while we were in Barcelona. It was actually quite a charming place and right by the centre of the city. We were in a vibrant part of the city and walking distance to attractions and metro stations that got us everywhere else we needed to go. Definitely the cheapest rates of accommodations between the three cities here.

In Paris, we stayed in a relatively large apartment that was a little further north of the city. We were a little north of the Montmartre neighbourhood. I loved the apartment though – the style and decor of the owner is just simply fabulous in its simplicity.





In London, we were in the Bermondsey area – which is near the London Bridge area. Not exactly the best place to travel from – I’m not a fan of buses. But that was the best way for us to get to the station from this neighbourhood. Still, it was interesting being in a regular neighbourhood. And the apartment flat itself was so cozy. I absolutely loved the bookshelf in the living room.


What have your experiences with accommodations in Europe been like? One day, I’d like to return and try to spend a little more money for nicer places even. Still, these were great places. If you’re interested in either of these accommodations, based on the pictures, just message and I can send you specific links to the listings on AirBnB.



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