Parisian Sights: The Classics

We managed to get so much into five days in Paris that I’ve been struggling to organize my blog posts. Please enjoy them as they are.

Paris is, without a doubt, still my favourite European city. I love the architecture, the vibe of the city, and the culture. Some of the classic sights that any first-time tourist can’t miss, include these: the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame cathedral, sitting along the River Seine, and Arc de Triomphe. All of these, I would honestly suggest just visiting. Admission to these attractions may not always be the best way to experience the city. For example, going to the Eiffel Tower – you can go up the tower, which I did a few years ago, but I found the lines too long and the views were okay – just lacking one major attraction, the Eiffel Tower, in its skyline since you’re ON the tower already.









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