Musées of Paris: Louvre, Rodin, D’Orsay, et Chocolat

There are so many great and iconic art museums in Paris and I’m glad that I had a chance to hit up on a few while I was there for a few days. I’m the type of traveler who likes to visit – but not spend the entire day there. Which means that I like knowing the key pieces or a particular exhibition to visit, rather than attempting to uncover the entire museum. Besides, I don’t believe that you could cover a museum like the Louvre all in one day. That would probably be a lengthy trip on its own.

Musée du Louvre

Perhaps one of the most famous museums in the world – easily identified by its glass pyramid – and housing some of the most famous art pieces, including Mona Lisa. I absolutely love this museum – though I have to admit that I love it for the palace that houses the museum itself. You will see this as a key theme through my visits to other buildings in Europe. I love high/domed/glass ceilings, even more if there are bookshelves somewhere.




Musée Rodin

Main reason to visit this museum: The Thinker. It’s surrounded by a pretty little garden on the museum grounds.


Musée D’Orsay

Such a huge and beautiful museum that’s in a former railway station. I absolutely loved the long expanse of the station and its beautiful clock. It reminded me a bit of the railway station from the movie Hugo. Here you can also view Vincent Van Gogh’s Self-portrait.




Musée Gourmand du Chocolat

And then for something different, you can head over to the chocolate museum. Admittance also includes a little workshop where you can see how chocolate is made and get taste samplings as well. There’s some interesting history and facts about chocolate – and little collections that are quite unique.



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