Looking Back on 2015 and Ahead into 2016

2015 was an amazing year of travel for me. It was a year of transition. There was traveling for fun and leisure. There was traveling with family and traveling with friends. There was traveling in terms of moving back home from the place I called home for a little over than two years.

A Little Summary

In 2015, I changed my country of residence from Korea back to Canada. I went and traveled to Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Peru, Spain, France, and England. I spent about 8-9 weeks this year traveling. I stayed in seven different AirBnbs. I have completed 50 blog posts about these travels and I’m still not done – still got lots to share from France and England.


What’s next for Carmen in the World?

Well, like I just mentioned, I will be continuing bringing pictures and little stories and tidbits from the summer adventure in Europe. I’ve booked my flight to Seoul for a little over a week in February! I will be returning to my second home after a year to visit former students and my friends there. There is talk of going somewhere with my parents in March.

My Instagram account that I made with travel in mind has started to change a bit since I’ve been rooted at home the past few months. Still, I’m looking forward to being able to post new adventures through there so please find me there.

And Finally,

Thank you for reading all this time – I can’t wait to go on more adventures and sharing them with you. Let’s have an amazing 2016.



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