Paris Pass: Oui or non? Is it worth getting?

I was in Paris for five days and my travel companions and I decided to invest in the Paris Pass. Here I break down all the expenses to get an idea of whether it was a good investment. I’ll be using Euros (€) here and these costs reflect what they were in August 2015. Changes since then will not be reflected here.

Cost of the 4 Day Paris Pass after taxes, shipping, and other fees: €165.78

What’s included: A Guidebook with the included attractions and details of how to use the Paris Pass, the Paris Pass with many “free” attractions (as in you already paid, Paris Museum Pass that includes about 50 museums and monument admissions, and an unlimited 5 day travel card for use on the Metros, RER, buses, and particular trains.

Attractions that I used the Paris Pass to get into and the individual admission costs to each:
– Musee Rodin €6
– Chateau Versailles and Marie Antoinette estate €18
– Bateaux Parisiens €13
– Conciergerie €8.5
– Musee Gourmand du Chocolat €9.5
– Big Bus Hop On Hop Off €30
– Louvre €12
– Musee D’Orsay €11
– Petit Train de Montmartre €6
– Montparnasse Tower €15
– Pantheon €7.5

Total cost of the attractions: €136.5

Times we rode the Metro: 17 times
Cost of each Metro ride: €1.8
Cost of a 5 day T-card: €39.3
Total cost of transportation: €30.6

How much we spent if we did not have the Paris Pass: €175.8
Cost of Paris Pass: €165.78
We saved: €10.02


We made the most of the Paris Pass. And that was done through careful planning and working out an itinerary. We hit up on so much during the few days that we were in the city. And while I would definitely recommend it for any first-time Paris visitors who want to do as much as possible – it is not ideal for others. For those who want to take Paris more leisurely, you won’t have as much time to hit up on everything to get the value of the Paris Pass. For me, I’m really glad that we decided to get it for this trip – it helped us work out an itinerary. But on my next trip, I don’t think it would be necessary.


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