London Baby!

For any Friends fans, you may understand the title of my post. It seems perfectly appropriate for my first London post here on my blog. It perfectly expresses my enthusiasm and excitement to be in London. As much as I loved Paris, London was a place I had never been and it’s just so iconic. There are so many places and references to this city that it seems so familiar. Everything is so well-known. Which is why my first post will highlight some of these most famous places.

If you ever heard rumours of how much it rains in London, let me be the first to tell you – all the rumours are true. It rains. A lot. And not just one rainstorm. It comes and goes. It was something of a spectacle, seeing all the umbrellas open and close as if we had all rehearsed and orchestrated it with the rest of London. The fog is not much fun to take pictures in – but there are those rare occurences when the skies clear, the sun comes out, and London is so dazzling that it takes your breath away.

Our first stop in this post was the London Eye. We decided to buy the Day and Night Experience – two 30 minute rotations, so as to experience and see London from different perspectives. Such a great deal – as you will see by the end of this post. The Day and Night Experience is about £6 more than the Standard one-entry ticket.



As you can see, the skies were very cloudy when we arrived early in the morning to take the London Eye. Which isn’t so bad – you can still see London – but the problem is the glass of the capsules had tons of water droplets from when it had rained earlier that morning.


I was immensely pleased with purchasing my Go Pro camera before this trip. It proved so useful – even in the space of the London capsule.



After we left the London Eye, we made our way across the Thames towards Big Ben. It started raining and thus my bright yellow umbrella came out – you will see this yellow umbrella quite a bit on this trip. I was actually kind of happy with it – it brightened up the cloudy and gloomy atmosphere.




Through a torrential downpour and gusts of winds that would have scared Mary Poppins (Look at that! I made an English reference without even planning to!), we eventually made our way to Buckingham Palace. It was quite an experience – we were literally fighting against the wind and got complete soaked because the umbrellas can’t really protect you from rain that’s coming in all directions. Not that that stopped us from taking jumping pictures in front of the palace. There was no sign of the Queen’s Guards outside the gates – perhaps they were hiding inside the palace from the downpour.



We eventually made it to Westminster Station to get to London Bridge Station. And from there, we walked along the Thames to get to Tower of London.


And then, miraculously, the rain stopped, the wind calmed down, and the skies completely cleared. And London was brilliant.


Fun fact: the structure behind me is NOT the London Bridge. Like, THE London Bridge from the nursery rhyme. I used to this it was – but it’s actually the Tower Bridge. It’s the Tower Bridge that has the movable bridge – which is completely fascinating and ahead of its time when it was first constructed.



There’s a walkway up in the Tower Bridge with a glass floor. Absolutely thrilling…


… but perhaps not for everyone.




We made our way to the north bank of the Thames to get to the Tower of London. We managed to gain entrance to it right before closing.







And so, we decided to make our way back towards the London Eye on the City Cruises along the Thames.




Our “night” experience of the London Eye was amazing. We timed it so that we would actually be there at dusk – to see the lights turn on – but not completely dark yet.



Truly beautiful sights, especially with the lit up London Eye capsules.





London Baby, indeed!



  1. London is great, glad you enjoyed it. Great pictures, especially the evening shots of the London eye capsules. We have a a post about the London eye on our blog, give it a read and see if it compares to your trip on the eye of London. 🙂

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