For the Ice Cream Lovers in Seoul

I am a self-proclaimed ice cream lover. I’m still waiting for the term that matches that identity (like bibliophiles for book lovers). So, as is expected, when I travel, I find myself looking for the best ice cream that the places have to offer. This is the Seoul edition – and though eating so much ice cream in the winter – I went in February – is a little crazy, it was definitely worth it.

To start, we have Remicone. There are several locations in Seoul; I went to the one in Dongdaemun. And we obviously had to get the Instagram-worthy ice cream – Thunder Bomb. It’s a concoction of ice cream with cotton candy with those popping candy integrated into the cotton candy. Definitely a fun ice cream experience.



Next up, we have Milky Bee in Myeongdong where they do the pretty rose ice cream. I went with the strawberry and vanilla but you can also go with three flavours for a bigger rose with their chocolate or matcha flavours.


For those who are a little more healthier, we have Sobok – they have organic ice cream. They have fresh, in-house made ice cream made of brown rice, various grains and milk. This is topped with Korean rice cakes, sweet pumpkin, dried persimmon, grain syrup, and other healthy natural ingredients. Plus the container is environmentally friendly. And honestly, look how pretty it is? That swirl of ice cream with the chrysanthemum flower as decor.


And of course, stopping in at Baskin Robbins, is a must for me. This is a little personal because Baskin Robbins was more go-to place for my weekly dose of ice cream when I was living there for two years. There was a store just two minutes from my apartment building. My favourite BR flavour? Very Berry Strawberry.


And then as a little bonus, we have milkshakes at O’Shake in Itaewon. These are actually called Devil’s Shakes. Well-named for the crazy concoctions they have. We went with the Yogurt Double Devil’s Shake. It’s topped with cream and lots of candy – cause obviously the milkshake itself isn’t enough sugar for your consumption. I have also just checked out the new menu on their website — they have Angel Shakes too now. The strawberry one looks scrumptious. Time for another visit to Seoul?


A note to my wonderful readers: I’m sorry for being so MIA in the past few months. It’s been hard getting back to my routine with the traveling. I’ve got no travel plans for the next little while so that means I’ll be putting blogging back into my weekly routine. You can check out my instagram at @_carmtsang; I’m much more diligent with posting there.


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