Brunchin’ at Rhubarb, Peggy’s Cove

When we were doing research into meals for our Atlantic Canada trip, we did run into some trouble. Many restaurants were still closed for the season or the ones that were open didn’t seem that special. But luckily we found a place that was supposed to be quite good for brunch and it was right by Peggy’s Cove. The other option was to eat at the Peggy’s Cove restaurant – but we wanted something that wasn’t so obviously targeted for the tourists. And Rhubarb ended up being the perfect place.


It had a very homey and comfortable vibe. Their customers vary from tourists (like us) to locals who frequent the restaurant.





We were here on the Sunday and got the Sunday brunch menu. I went with a Bloody Mary and the buttermilk pancakes. They were fluffy and basically the best pancakes I’ve ever had.


You can check out their website here. It’s definitely worth the few minutes drive from Peggy’s Cove if you’re going to be in that area anyways.



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